The Incredible Secret
George and Andrea "Thank you for taking your valuable time to log onto our web site. We don't either take your time for granted, or believe in coincidence. There is a reason you are here, so please allow us to be frank and tell you what is available with little or no investment. When I look back on my life, I realize I spent over 25 years trading my valuable time for a limited income when I should have been using the simple principals outlined below. Don't make the mistake I made, it has cost me dearly, even though most people thought I had an incredible job." - George Kalbfleisch, Airline Captain

What are your dreams? Ours are traveling and flying. We can help you obtain yours dreams as well!

Why did we have to wait so long to discover the principal of leverage?

Our Business has the following options available, all at no expense or cost to you:
  • Converting current necessary expenditures into valid IRS deductions          
  • Time leveraged incomes           
  • Passive residual incomes
  • Investment free royalty Incomes
  • Recession proof income streams
  • Global Income Streams

Q and A

Allow me to answer questions about the options above.

Q.  What do you mean by converting current expenses into tax deductions?
A.  The IRS has two tax codes, let us share the one you may not have heard about that will allow you to reduce your tax burden the same way corporations do, completely valid, legal, and using the IRS’s own written tax code rules to keep much more of your hard earned dollars.

Q.  What is “time leveraged income”?
A.  As long as you are trading your time for money, you will have a difficult time getting enough control of your time to do the things you really want to be doing instead of working long hours. Most people work 5 days and take 2 days off a week. We specialize in showing people how to work 2 days, make more money than they used to do in 5 days, and have the other 5 days with family, traveling, enjoying hobbies, or donating their time to a worthy cause. We will show you how to implement the principal of time leveraged income, at no expense to you.

Q.  What is “passive residual income”?
A.  Passive residual income means making money while you are having quality time with your family (instead of being at work), while you are sleeping or while you are enjoying your hobby (instead of being at work).

Q. What is "recession proof income"?
A.  Recession proof income means the income streams, once established properly, should keep on paying you regardless of fluctuations in the National Economy.

Q.  What is "global income"?
A.   Since we are a global venture, income streams from other countries may be paid to you monthly regardless of whether you have ever been to the particular foreign country where this income will have been generated.

Q.  This sounds too good to be true. (I know you didn’t ask this yet, but you are thinking this thought, aren’t you?)

Please take a look at where you are in life:

  • Do you awaken at 3 AM excited about going to work at your present occupation?
  • Has the zest for what you do for a living been dampened by corporate ice water, or events you have no control over?
  • Will your current retirement plan allow you to travel the world before you are too old to enjoy the experience?
  • Do you pay more taxes than you feel is fair?
  • And, perhaps most importantly, WOULD YOU LIKE A WAY TO “START ALL OVER” FINANCIALLY (with no investment), and shelter most of your new significant 6 figure income from taxes?

Most frustrated people aren't aware that there is a simple way to “start over,” and believe they will just have to “settle for” what life has dished out for them.

Well, we carry good news to those who are realizing that there must be a better way; please evaluate where you are, and if you can see yourself as being more capable than what your current position in life has earned you, contact me. We will share what we are doing, why we are doing it, and why we are so passionate about the future. Timing has never been more appropriate for you to find that we have the best kept secret in the business world, especially when we work with so many recession proof income streams. Starting a dialog with me may be the closest thing you will ever hear to an insider trading tip.

After reading the next page of this website, if you are ready for a change in your finances, contact me at 502-484-3210 or me for an appointment.

Our team has helped many frustrated, yet talented people, take control of their time and start living life as it was meant to be. Why not start working on your very own American Dream, and learn how to take total control of your 24 hour day?

We specialize in feeding you information as fast as your mind can assimilate it, all at no cost to you.

If you aren’t ready for a secure and impressive secondary or tertiary income stream, why not give this website URL to a friend or loved one you know who may be looking for a change in their income and/or lifestyle, someone who has a dream they can’t achieve with their current income and time restraints?

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